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Classes follow a tiered structure, with each course building on and expanding the concepts of the previous level. In this training format, students are able to learn and practice at their own pace. This particularly suits “part-time” students as classes are held on weekends whenever possible . As well, weeklong summer retreat/learning intensives are held on beautiful Vancouver Island. Courses are a rich blend of theoretical lectures, point location workshops and hands-on practice with partners. With the bodymind focus, the trainings have a strong component of personal replenishment and self development.

All Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure® classes taught by Doreen Bakstad adhere to an internationally standardized curriculum. As well they are recognized by the British Columbia Acupressure Therapists’ Association(BCATA), the Massage Therapist’s Association of British Columbia(MTA of BC), the Massage Therapists’ Association of Alberta(MTAA), and the American Organization for Body Therapies of Asia(AOBTA).

While the focus is on accurate point locations and bodymind focusing, students also study Taoist qicong exercises - “the Eight Silken Movements” and “Hara breathing” for enhancing their own health and well-being, their own awareness of internal energy flows and for the ability to be more mindful and present. This health art and form of energy psychology is suitable for study by both the layperson and the professional.

Jin Shin Do® is becoming well-known and well-respected around the globe. To read more about the standardized curriculum in each level of training, please go to the Course Content page.

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